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SGN Login Issue Fixed in Chrome OS 83


Start from end of 2020 April, we got numerous reports from Chromebook users that, they could not log into Simple Gmail Notes any more with Chrome OS 81.

And we soon confirmed it’s an issue of Chrome OS side, and created an issue to Chromium team ( Meanwhile, we released a new version of SGN with an alternative login URL as workaround.

Normally (and we expected), it took weeks / months to get the feedback from Google side, since Chromium team is extremely busy. However, with big thanks to the Google partnership program, we got the feedback in 3 days. And the issue fix was included into Chrome OS 83 release channel in less than 3 weeks! The issue was even escalated to priority 0 (the highest priority).

With the latest Chrome OS 83, SGN users should be able to login the SGN extension using the regular sign in button now.