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Mobile CRM Got Approved by Google
as Gmail API Local Client Application

Due to previous Gmail extension privacy issues, Google has tightened the Gmail API for development, and include it into restricted scope.

Those applications who failed to comply with security restrictions could not further use Gmail API in 2020.

After 12 months of discussion, communication and collaboration,  our product, Simple Mobile CRM is now officially approved by Google as local client application!

What does it mean?

1. Mobile CRM could continue integrated with Gmail API after the hard deadline of 2019-12-31.

2. As ‘local client application’, it means that Google verified and acknowldged that we would not (and could not) silently steal the Gmail information from the users. There is no way for our server to quietly collect the user emails without the prior consent by the user.

How about Simple Gmail Notes?

Simple Gmail Notes is totally unaffected, since it does not need Gmail authorization at all. After Jan 1 of 2020, most Google Drive API will fall into restricted scope as well. However,  since SGN uses minimum permission (can only read those files created by extension itself), it won’t be affected under the new policy as well ?.