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Permissions of Simple Mobile CRM

Simple Gmail Notes and Simple Mobile CRM are two related products of the Bart Solutions. It’s actually both tempting, and easy, to share the user’s Google credential between two systems. In which case people don’t need to login again, and thus enjoy be a seamless user experience for note sharing.

However, eventually we decided to ask an explicit permission grant from user again for the CRM, because the users have the right to know that their Gmail information is going to be applied in another system.

We treat users’ privacy very seriously, and we worked very hard to minimize the required Gmail permission scope. Therefore while 90% of Gmail extensions outside ask for a full management permission for all your Gmail account, we ask only for a read-only permission.

This permission implies:

  1. we could read your emails, but
  2. we could not send emails on your behalf
  3. we could not modify your emails and
  4. we could not create some malicious emails, and delete them afterwards

Permission of #1 is required because you could view the full email thread inside the Simple Mobile CRM app. This permission is also needed to notify you about new arrivals of opportunity related emails, when auto-sync is checked during note sharing.